Governor Martin O’Malley Proclaims 2011……

The Creative GRP, LLC Announcement
2011 Proclaimed “The Year of the YOUTH in MARYLAND”

Governor Martin O’Malley Has Joined the Cause

Extending Validity To the Cause

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Dr. Tekemia Dorsey

The Creative Group, LLC


2011 Proclaimed “The Year of the Youth in MARYLAND”

by Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley

(Baltimore, MD)-First The City of Baltimore and now the State of Maryland has joined with The Creative Group, LLC to officially proclaim 2011 as “The Year of the Youth” and encourages all citizens to participate and join in the celebration. To celebrate, organizers are planning an innovative 2011 Youth Empowerment RETREAT-a year-long slate of activities designed to empower, motivate, encourage, enlighten and energize our youth, parents, the community and its leaders through knowledge, education and opportunity.

Through a four-phrase program occurring in the spring, summer, fall and winter of 2011, over 500 at-risk youth ages 8-18 in the Baltimore area will participate in a series of activities, workshops, community service initiatives, mentoring programs and training opportunities designed to provide both youth and parents with the knowledge they need, the opportunity they’ve been seeking and the opportunity to do more for themselves and their community.

The brainchild of Dr. Tekemia Dorsey, founder of The Creative GRP, LLC and a tireless advocate for youth and education who has spent her time and efforts educating, empowering and advocating for youth and their parents—the “2011 Youth Empowerment RETREAT” is the next logical step in addressing the chronic problems that youth and their parents have been facing. “There are many examples of traditional workshops, trainings and programs that youth are encouraged to participate in that are designed to address issues facing our youth-delinquency, low academics, inner city problems, etc.,” said Dorsey, “but there aren’t any avenues that address issues of truly empowering our youth to take of leadership positions and then provide them with actual opportunities to apply their new-found knowledge.”

Based on Dr. Dorsey’s models of Leadership Training and Education and curriculum developed for The Leadership Institute for Elementary and Middle School Youth, the 2011 Youth Empowerment RETREAT is comprised of FOUR phases: 1) a winter literacy-mentorship reading book program and a leadership workshop (2) a one-day empowerment retreat in the spring which provides both parents and youth with the opportunity to participate in workshops and training sessions to prepare them for the next phase; 3) an application phase where youth are paired with community agencies and assigned mentors to enable them to apply the knowledge they’ve acquired by participating in community service initiatives and 4) a one-day empowerment retreat in the fall consisting of workshops, a keynote speaker and awards program. In addition, each month in 2011, an outreach program has been inducted as a part of the year-long initiative in support from other organizations.

Recently recognized by Proclamation by the Mayor of Baltimore and the Governor of Maryland declaring 2011 The Year of The Youth, The 2011 YER Initiative is seeking volunteers, sponsors and community partners to help support the year-long initiative. Partners The Creative GRP, LLC, The KARS Consulting Group, LTD, the City of Baltimore, the State of Maryland, Baltimore City Schools, Gethsemane African Methodist Episcopal Church, We Are and Morgan State University are indicative of the wide-range of public-private and faith-based partnerships that are being cultivated to help make this endeavor as success. Visit for complete details and information on events, activities, sponsorships and partnerships.

In addition to support from the City of Baltimore, The Creative GRP, LLC has already secured public-private partnerships with Morgan State University’s Entrepreneurial Development and Assistance Center, and The KARS Consulting Group, LTD. Organizers are accepting and encouraging sponsorships, partnerships, participation from community organizations and will be announcing selection procedures for youth participants and their parents in the upcoming weeks. Those interested in participating in the initiative or lending their support should contact Dr. Tekemia Dorsey at 410-391-3880 or for additional information.


About The Creative GRP, LLC

The Creative GRP., LLC (For Profit)
The Creative GRP.., LLC serves as an umbrella company for Creative Creations Consulting, LLC and Creative Creations Consulting Publishing Company, LLC! in 2010, The Creative GRP., LLC was formed to house Dr. Dorsey’s current companies under a charter organization and to expand its divisions.

The Creative GRP, LLC’s mission is to provide world class research lifecycle support services, publishing services, education services, leadership training & education services and radio services for the public/private sectors. The Creative GRP., LLC has a Consulting Division, Publishing Division, Education Division, Radio Division, & a Leadership Training & Education Division. The Creative GRP., LLC also provides grant writing services, curriculum development services, etc.

The Creative GRP., LLC Community Outreach Programs (NON-Profit)
The Creative GRP, LLC Community Outreach Programs mission is to simply provide educational and training support services and programs for youth, parents, the community, and the school system.

TM “True Leadership Lies In The POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT”

(Dr. Tekemia Dorsey)

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