Grades Are Out and My Kids……….Its The Teacher’s Fault!

Post from Frustrated Parent:

Not to be overly dramatic but grades are out and well, Nia’s grade in math dropped from a B to a C! As much as I know grades in 7th grade matter. As much as I juggled between my needs and the twins’, this spinning plate came crashing down. Can I take a moment and play the blame game though?! I talked to her math teacher every week as Nia did poorly on tests. I put in several calls to the principal so that we could all meet. Nothing happened. I’m really trying to shake the conspiracy theories that are growing in my mind. How does a teacher knowingly allow bright students to fail? 7th grade is an important year for selective high schools. The C ruins her chance for a perfect 300 score. The adults in this situation know that. Friday, I could have slow choked that bytch for singlehandedly ruining my child’s chances, but over the weekend I was able to click the lens back a frame or two.

Ok!! Thank you for indulging without judgment. The politics of the Illinois school system will drive you crazy! I am doing everything I know to do to help my children. When I reach the end of my ability, God will do the rest. If there is any ill intent in this woman, God will take care of it. Nia’s life is blessed, He has shown me that time and time again. You run across people in life that exercise power in mean spirited ways. But God has supernatural power and I’m putting my trust in Him.

Dr. Dorsey reply:

I will give you another spin on this from an Educator’s background! You are encourgaed to receive it with an open mind! It is not what Nia does now that will define her as one of the BEST; it is however the content of her character and the quality of her integrity in how she reacts to it! College Admission reps will easily by pass a kid who has done well in every subject all their life for a kid who has demonstrated the Bell Curve (peaks and valleys) of success! Like life it is not what is thrown at you that makes you great, it is how you handle it that takes you far!

Nia earned a “C” in a course probably her first and pretty sure won’t be her last because as they progress up the ladder in education it gets tough and tougher….HOWEVER what matters now is how she bounces back from it, learn her areas of weakness and improve upon them while playing catch up! The school systems have cut the embilical cords of hand holding as we know it growing up and are now forcing students to be more independent in their learning, forcing them to use logical and analytical reasoning skills, time management and organization, etc to do well! This is across the country not just in your neck of the woods!

Nia will be great! Allow her to fall and get back up because in the real world, the REAL world she won’t have a choice! As parents we want to protect our kids and give them the best as well and that they will have it all but with careful balance! Your job is not to french fry relationships along the way with her teachers but to continue to take the high road, be stern, yet supportive and watch her grow! In the process, you will grow as well!

The teachers are not out for your daughter and nor did they fail her, it’s something that is not clicking with Nia that needs to be explored, addressed, and corrected now! A healthlydiscussion with the 3 of you will easily help unveil that in time! I can share more but will stop here!  (Stop stressing she will be ok)

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